Why You Need a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Santa Ana Domestic Violence Attorney

Whether you are a domestic violence victim, or are concerned about someone you know, a Santa Ana domestic violence attorney may be able to help. Domestic violence is considered a crime, and the penalties can be harsh. Even a misdemeanor can lead to jail time, and a felony charge could mean up to three years in prison. A Santa Ana domestic violence attorney may be able help you avoid these punishments, or if you are already in jail, get you released.

Domestic violence is a crime that affects thousands of people in California. These crimes range from battery to spousal rape. In many cases, the victim of a domestic violence incident will not report the crime, and the case will go unreported. The victim may be left feeling trapped in a situation that may cause legal ramifications for a repeat offender. A Santa Ana domestic violence attorney may be the key to preventing a disaster.

A restraining order is a legal tool to protect a person from further abuse. These orders can also affect the custody and spousal support of children. The court may also issue a no violent contact order. A no violent contact order means that the parties can live together but must remain peaceful at all times.

The court will determine the classification of the domestic violence offense. For example, battery is a misdemeanor, while sexual assault is a felony. If you are charged with an offense that is deemed a misdemeanor, you may be asked to pay a fine.

It is not uncommon for a domestic violence victim to have to file a petition in the family court for a restraining order. It may even be required for them to go through a counseling program. A restraining order can be a hugely expensive affair, and may even lead to your separation from your spouse for years. If you have children, a restraining order could have a dramatic effect on your spousal support and employment. If you are charged with a restraining order, it is important to have an experienced attorney to fight for your freedom and your rights.

A Santa Ana domestic violence attorney can also help you to understand the laws regarding domestic violence. For example, Penal Code 273.5 prohibits the infliction of “corporal injury.” This is a physical injury that is visible to the person. The act of inflicting the “corporal injury” requires striking the person violently. A Santa Ana domestic violence attorney may be in a position to defend you from this charge.

A Santa Ana domestic violence attorney is a wise choice if you have been charged with any kind of domestic violence. If you are charged with any type of domestic violence, you should not wait to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. It is important to act quickly and avoid making a mistake that could cost you your freedom.

A Santa Ana domestic violence attorney may also be able to provide you with information on resources available to victims of domestic violence. These include temporary shelter, medical assistance, and other resources. The Santa Ana Police Department also has a full-time victim assistance specialist.

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